China defends N-cooperation with Pak

Ahead of a key global summit on atomic security, China defended its nuclear cooperation with Pakistan as "mutually beneficial".

Beijing: Ahead of a key global summit on
atomic security, China on Tuesday defended its nuclear cooperation
with Pakistan as "mutually beneficial" and in accordance with
international safeguards.

Luo Zhaohui, the Director-General of Department of Asian
Affairs, told reporters that China-Pak nuclear cooperation was
being conducted under the supervision of International Atomic
Energy Agency, the global nuclear watchdog body.

"China-Pakistan had several years of nuclear cooperation
in building Chashma nuclear power station. This station is
subjected to IAEA safeguards. So far it is mutually beneficial
and in accordance with international law," he said at a press
meet when asked about China-Pakistan nuclear cooperation as
well as global anxieties over Pakistan nuclear weapons falling
into the hands of militant groups.

China’s Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said the
Nuclear Security Summit, to be attended by Chinese President
Hu Jintao and heads of states of 53 countries and
international organisations from March 26-27 in Seoul, would
focus on strengthening the security of nuclear materials and
nuclear facilities.

The summit will conduct full review of the progress made
by the international community on the nuclear security since
the first summit held in Washington in 2010, he told a media
briefing here.

China has built about two nuclear reactors at Chashma and
constructing two more. China also has announced plans to build
one 1,000 mw nuclear unit at the same place. Luo said the
China-Pak nuclear cooperation is ongoing.

"After the Fukushima disaster, we have given greater
attention to nuclear safety. We have had some consultations
(with Pakistan) and had some technical work (done). We have
full confidence in nuclear technologies," he said.


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