China detains nurse for forcing patients to drink urine

A male nurse allegedly beat up residents & forced them to drink urine.

Beijing: Chinese police have detained a
male nurse who allegedly beat up senior residents and forced
them to drink urine at a nursing home in central China`s Henan

62-year-old Zheng Huanming, nurse at the Changleyuan
Seniors Home in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, woke up the
elderly people at 4 am every day and forced some of them to
drink yellow liquid from plastic bags, which a witness by name
Wang said was urine, the Yangtze Evening News has reported.

Zheng opened the mouth of one of them and poured down
the liquid.
The victim struggled and shouted, "No, it`s salty."

But Zheng continued to force them to drink and laughed, Wang

Wang, who lives in a nearby building, said he often
heard cries and screams from the nursing home, so he went to
another building overlooking the nursing home one night and
witnessed the abuse.

He tipped off a local television station which sent a
crew to secretly film the torture, including forcing seniors
to drink urine, from a window in the building after lurking
there for six nights.

Zheng told the police that he woke up the old people
at about 4 am to urge them to go to the toilet otherwise they
would urinate in bed, the report said.

Another male nurse who was involved in the abuses was
also detained by police, the Shanghai Daily reported.


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