China detects 10 cases of radioactive contamination from Japan

The contamination was found among passengers, aircraft, ships and containers arriving from Japan.

Beijing: China has so far detected 10
cases of radioactive contamination among passengers, aircraft,
ships and containers arriving from Japan where a nuclear
crisis has erupted after the devastating March 11 quake and
tsunami, the country`s quarantine watchdog said on Saturday.

Local quarantine authorities in China have been
ordered to intensify radioactive analysis of articles entering
the country after radioactive fallout from Japan`s crippled
nuclear plant, said Li Yuanping, a spokesman for the General
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine (AQSIQ).

A ship, a plane and a batch of imported material were
the three latest cases of radioactive contamination reported
to the administration yesterday.

They had entered the country through Jiangsu and
Zhejiang provinces and were found to have high radioactive

The first radioactive case involved a plane that
arrived in Dalian City from Japan on March 16, which returned
to Japan on the same day.

Other cases involved several ships, containers and two
Japanese tourists, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Li Yuanping said quarantine authorities would continue
to closely monitor radioactive levels at China`s ports to
ensure people`s safety.


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