China: Executive quits after affair with socialite

A member of a firm associated with Red Cross resigned from its board after admitting to an affair with a young woman.

Beijing: In a big victory for China`s
fast growing micro-blogging community, a member of a firm
associated with Red Cross resigned from its board after
admitting an affair with a young woman who drew public ire for
displaying unaccounted wealth in her blog.

The country`s micro-blogging community, which
according to some estimates has crossed over 200 million,
recently highlighted the blog posting of 20-year-old
Guo Meimei, displaying her luxury lifestyle including two
expensive sports cars in her blog.

While she displayed her wealth for showing her
social status, it turned out to be a major embarrassment for
Red Cross as questions were raised by public whether her
luxury possessions were acquired through funds donated by the
public for helping victims of natural disasters.

After weeks of dithering, Wang Jun, an executive of
Zhonghong Bo`ai Company which is associated with Red Cross
Society Commerce (RCSC), resigned from the board admitting
affair with Guo, official media here reported on Tuesday.

Weng Tao, chief executive officer of the Zhonghong
Bo`ai Company, said that the company invested in a community
services station run under the name of the RCSC, adding that
the investment is the company`s own money.

It has also emerged that the Lamborghini which Guo
displayed in her blog is owned by Wang, the Beijing News said.

Wang then confessed that Guo was his girlfriend but
said they had known each other for just a short time.

After realising the seriousness of the affair, Wang
was forced to resign from his post on June 26, Beijing News

The incident badly dented the imaged of Red Cross
which handles millions of dollars of public donations for
relief operations in host of natural disasters as many
micro-bloggers believed that money was being pandered by its
officials over illicit affairs.

The incident displayed the might of China`s micro
blog community which in recent years is emerging as an
alternative media challenging the hold of the Chinese state
run media.

China has over 470 million Internet users, most of
whom were taking to micro blogging and Chinese social network
websites posting a variety of information.


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