China floods kills one; 1.30 lakh people evacuated

One fisherman was killed in heavy floods in China, where 1.30 lakh people were evacuated.

Beijing: One fisherman was killed and
three others found missing in heavy floods in a southern
Chinese island province, where 1.30 lakh people were evacuated
and efforts were on to rescue 6,000 others.

Torrential rains, which are the heaviest in Hainan
since 1961, lashed the province resulting in heavy floods
damaging two highways, as many national routes, eight
provincial routes along with several other roads.

In addition to this 44 fishing boats were stranded and
damaged, and 15 others sank near Tanmen Harbor in Qionghai
City, Li Wenchi, director of the Qionghai Municipal Bureau of
Marine Fisheries said.

At least one fisherman was dead and three others
missing as the worst flooding in decades wreaked havoc in
Hainan, local authorities said today.

Helicopters and rescue boats have been dispatched to
search for the missing fishermen, Xinhua news agency quoted
him as saying.

Also local authorities used explosives to blast a
reservoir twice in the provincial capital Haikou to reduce
rapidly rising water levels that were feared could collapse
the dam.

More than 1.30 lakh people had been evacuated after
heavy floods submerged 550 villages in the province. Also
efforts were on to rescue 6000 people stranded in some of the
worst hit places.

The floods were triggered by the heaviest torrential
rains in Hainan since 1961. Earlier reports said a major
reservoir of the Wanquan River began discharging excess water
Tuesday night as its levels had crossed danger levels flooding
the villages.

Torrential rains have battered Hainan for six days.
Parts of the island had received an average 324.7 mm
of rainfall. About 150 soldiers had been dispatched to assist
in the evacuation of villagers to safe ground.

A major reservoir of the Wanquan River began
discharging excess water Tuesday night as its levels had
become unacceptably high, which resulted in the flooding of
the villages, the flood control headquarters in Qionghai City
in the east of the island said Wednesday.

Rescuers were yet to reach those hit by floods,
Xinhua news agency quoted a spokesman of the headquarters as