`China getting wary of allies`

The US made forays into Asia-Pacific region consolidating ties with countries like India and Japan.

Beijing: As the US made forays into Asia-Pacific region consolidating ties with countries like India and Japan, China is getting wary of its allies - North Korea, Pakistan and Myanmar - which are also swayed by western influence, an article in state-run media said.

"At present, China`s relations with Japan, India and ASEAN countries are slightly tense. At the same time, former close allies like the North Korea, Myanmar and Pakistan are opening up to the West," an article in the official china.org.cn said today.

Notably, China describes all the three countries as former close allies.

"The North Korea is the country which China assists the most. However, it no longer treats China as a close friend. Instead, it wants to build direct relations with the US," the article in the official portal said.

Compared with China, no other big country spends so much on its allies but gains so little reward or respect, it said.

"As Kim Jong-Un becomes the country`s new leader, how much the DPRK will respect China is yet to be seen," it said.

The big surprise for Beijing, appears to be Myanmar where China has invested billions of dollars to create infrastructure for its oil pipelines under the previous military regime, the article said.

"A former staunch ally to China, Myanmar has also changed its attitude towards US last year," it said pointing out the rapid pace at which Naypyidaw opened up to US after Secretary Hillary Clinton`s visit.

"It`s a natural move for Myanmar and the US to approach each other. Before that, Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was released in November last year....Later, the Myanmar government stopped China from investing in its Myitsone hydropower project," it said.

"If this trend continues, Myanmar will finally sink into the West`s arms and become an important pawn for the US` deployment to China`s borders. China has been pursuing opportunities to build railways, gas and oil pipes in

"If Myanmar cosies up to the US, it will be a setback for China`s energy strategy. Energy development in Myanmar remains the best solution for China to avoid conflict with the US in Malacca," it said.

There were apprehensions about all weather friend Pakistan too. There`s no doubt that Pakistan is China`s best friend. For this reason, Pakistan has also become a focal point for the US defence strategy, the article said.

"Last December, NATO aircraft and helicopter gunships attacked two Pakistani border posts. Some believe the attack served as warning to China`s neighbour countries to remind them who they should be friends with," it added.

Nowadays, Asian countries have neither respect for Chinese culture nor recognition of Chinese values. Previously, they have engaged China mainly to look for trade opportunities.

"Once China`s economic development slows, its attraction will disappear unless China is able to successfully win hearts through the purveyance of soft power," it said.

"The US is never going to leave Asia. China and the US must learn to live with each other at peace in the region," it added.

Meanwhile, China needs to find more ways to attract neighbouring countries rather than simply trying to persuade its neighbours to weaken their ties to the US, the article noted.


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