China hit by sex scandals; more videos of officials expected

China is facing an avalanche of sex scandals as `investigative reporter` plans to release more such clips.

Beijing: China is facing an avalanche of sex scandals as `investigative reporter`, whose videos of an official in compromising position with his mistress, created embarrassment for the government, plans to release more such clips.

The threat came even as an "anchor" of a TV station charged a Communist Party politician of coercing her into long-term relationship.

Zhu Ruifeng, a "Reporter with counter-corruption website" jdwsy.Com, told state-run Global Times that five more sex videos featuring officials of Chongqing, till early this year ruled by disgraced Party leader Bo Xilai, will be released after getting enough proof of their authenticity.

Zhu posted the 12-second-long video to the Internet last week showing Lei Zhengfu, then secretary of the Beibei District Committee of the Communist Party of China in Chongqing, in compromising position with an 18-year-old Zhao Hongxia.

Zhu claims Zhao has been Lei`s mistress for the last five years.

Lei, 54, who has been sacked and faced disciplinary probe by the Party, had been receiving bribes and sexual favours provided by local businessmen, Zhu said.

The video, filmed by Zhao with a hidden camera, was later used to threaten Lei by the construction company but Lei managed to get local police, led by then police chief Wang Lijun, to detain Zhao for a month and send the company manager to prison for one year, Zhu said.

Wang, who fled to US Consulate fearing reprisals from Bo over investigations into his wife Gu Kailai`s involvement in the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood has been imprisoned for 15 years.