China may have 3,000 N-Warheads: US report

US official could not be reached to comment on the report, Washington Post said.

Washington: A US university students` project
has stumbled upon figures that China`s could have 3,000
nuclear warheads, many times larger than the well established
estimates of arms-control experts, sounding alarm bells in

Goergetown University students logging into sources as
disparate as Google Earth, blogs and military journals have
come out with an exhaustive research report claiming that the
Chinese have built a vast network of secret underground
tunnels to hide a sophisticated missile and nuclear arsenal.

Calling it "Underground Great Wall", the students pushed
on by their hard charging professor, a former top Penatgon
official, have said in the report that China could have as
many as 3,000 nuclear warheads, far higher than the current
estimates which range from 80 to 400, Washington Post

The 363-page study, which according to the Post has not
been published yet has claimed that Chinese Second Artillery
Corps- designated to handle nuclear weapons- has dug thousands
of miles of tunnels across the country to disperse the nukes
and keep them away from prying eyes in the sky.

The study is yet to be released, but Washington Post said
it has already sparked a Congressional hearing and been
circulated among top officials in the Pentagon including the
Air Force Vice Chief of Staff.

The students` professor, Philip Karber, 65 spent the Cold
War as a top strategist reporting directly to the Secretary of
Defence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the
paper said.

US official could not be reached to comment on the report,
Washington Post said.