‘China must provide level playing field’

United States has no problem with China if it provides level playing field to American companies.

Washington: The United States has no problem
with China if it plays by the same set of rules that other
major economic powers play and provides a level playing field
to American companies, the White House has said.

The statement came in the backdrop of US President Barack
Obama signing a legislation yesterday to enforce US trade
rights with China and level the playing field for American
businesses and workers.

Obama also warned Beijing yesterday against its alleged
unfair export restrictions on rare earths.

"That is part of the ongoing effort to make sure that the
Chinese understand... that they need to compete on a level
playing field. If they do then we have no problem with that.

We certainly feel that given that opportunity, our workers,
our businesses will be highly competitive," the White House
Press Secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters at his daily news

Carney said the US President is committed to ensuring
that America`s workers and businesses compete on a level
playing field with competitors around the globe.

"In this case China is extremely firm and has been since
he took office. And I think that`s evidenced by the series of
actions that we`ve taken with regards to China specifically,
but also with regards to other countries when it comes to
trade fairness," he noted.

Rare earth, the press secretary said, are important
materials because they`re the materials that are essential to
technologies like cellular phones and hybrid vehicles and
advanced batteries.

These are markets and technologies and industries that
the United States of America needs to dominate in the 21st
century if the US is going to succeed and have an economy
built to last, he argued.

Carney said the Obama Administration is focused on a very
important relationship with China.

"The President believes, we believe that China`s rise is
a good thing for the Chinese people and for the global
community, a good thing for the United States," he said.
"It is also important that as China becomes a bigger and
bigger economic power, that China play by the same set of
rules that other major economic powers play by. That`s the
approach the President has taken. It`s not one or the other;
it`s both.

"It`s absolute engagement and it`s a very important and
complex relationship on a whole host of issues. It also, when
we have differences, as we do on this matter, making them
clear and taking action on them," Carney said in response to a