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China policeman`s son gets 6 years for hit-and-run

Last Updated: Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 18:30

Beijing: The son of a senior Chinese police
official, who attempted to exploit his father`s rank to flee
after a deadly accident, was today sentenced to six years in
prison for his role in the case that sparked an outcry across
the country over abuse of power by the elite.

Li Qiming admitted he had been driving while drunk when
he hit two students in Baoding, one of whom later died.

Li pleaded guilty to drunk driving and vehicular
manslaughter, state run Xinhua news agency quoted the court
statement as saying.

He exploited his father`s position to flee and dared
people to take action against him.

"Sue me if you dare, my father is Li Gang," Li said,
referring to the deputy director of the public security bureau
in the district where the incident took place.

The case stoked outrage among web users.

"My father is Li Gang" became infamous as a catch
phrase among the millions of micro bloggers in China which
netizens worked into classical poetry, jokes and doggerel to
vent their fury over the vicious words and behaviour of the
privileged and the children of power and wealth.

Li stood first trial at the court last Wednesday, more
than three months after he hit two college girls, killing
one and injuring the other, on the campus of Hebei University
on the evening of Oct 16.

Li did not say if he would appeal the court`s

The court statement said Li had received leniency
because he confessed to all his crimes and his family
reconciled with the victims` families through compensation.

Li`s parents have paid 460,000 yuan (USD 69,880) to
the family of Chen Xiaofeng, 20 in compensation.

The other victim, 20-year-old Zhang Jingjing who
suffered fractured leg, received 91,000 yuan in compensation.

Li`s lawyer Zhang Jinlong, however, had petitioned for a
lighter sentence of three years with reprieve in court.


First Published: Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 18:30
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