China tells Hong Kong protesters to disperse, warns of 'unimaginable' repercussions

China tells Hong Kong protesters to disperse, warns of 'unimaginable' repercussions


  • The editorial in China's ruling party's mouthpiece also warned that the protesters would shave to suffer "unimaginable" repercussions if they continued.
  • Slamming the protesters in a stern tone, the editorial in People's Daily in China said, they had 'shamed' Homg Kong.
  • “This has gone so far as to threaten people’s safety, as well as their property,” said the editorial in the People’s Daily..These activists ought to be held legally responsible for this unlawful behavior.”
  • According to a US security firm named Lacoon Mobile Security, China is using smartphone apps to snoop on Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters.
  • Commending Hong Kong's newly found zeal for democracy, the US congressman added. “The freedom genie cannot be stuffed neatly back into the communist bottle.” 
  • “At this time, leadership and restraint are needed to avoid unnecessary violence and protect Hong Kong's Basic Law and its long-established traditions,” said Smith.
  • Smith is known for speaking out on human right condition in China and Hong Kong. He has conducted 45 hearings on human rights abuses in China. 
  • Chris Smith, who is also the chairman of the House of Representatives’ subcommittee on global human rights, said he will be establishing a congressional Hong Kong Caucus to monitor human rights in the former British colony.
  • US Republican congressman and co-chairman of the U.S. Commission on China Chris Smith called on China to exercise "leadership and restraint" in dealing with peaceful demonstrations and urged the Chinese government to respect the commitments it made guaranteeing autonomy and fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong.


  • The key movement leading the protests Occupy Central tweeted a photo of an umbrella with “Trash on the beach, Gotta clean it up” written on it in yellow, on Hong Kong's Lamma Island beach.
  • The streets are said to be calmer today morning after a fervent day of protests yesterday that marked China's National Day.
  • Hong Kong protests, that started last Friday, prompting police to use tear gas and pepper spray in an ugly crackdown, entered Day 6 today.

Hong Kong is witnessing an unprecedented demonstration by thousands of people, protesting against China's screening of candidates for first-ever elections for Hong Kong's leader scheduled for 2017. They also want chief executive CY Leung to step down.

China has so far been hand-picking the leaders of Hong Kong and even this time it insists on a 1200 committee to screen three candidates for 2017 polls, based on their loyalty to China. The three chosen candidates will then be allowed to be put to vote by Hong Kongers to be their leader.However, Hong Kongers believe that China is reneging on its promise made in 2007 to grant the autonomous region full democracy.

The protests that began a week ago in the form of a boycott by university and college students demanding electoral reforms, picked momentum on Sunday after the leaders of Occupy Central civil disobedience movement joined them, a day after the police crackdown on demonstrators turned ugly.

Hong Kong police clamped down harshly on the protesters in the beginning during the weekend, using tear gas and pepper spray and detaining dozens, but the riot police were withdrawn by the authorities on Monday.


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