China to boost Army might to win `local wars`: Wen

From the border dispute with India to maritime tensions with Japan, China has diverse military issues in neighbourhood.

Beijing: Facing a host of tensions in its
neighbourhood, China on Monday said the 2.3 million-strong
military`s focus will be winning "local wars" using cyber as
well as modern technology.

"The most important thing is to win local wars under
information-age conditions," Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said
in his work report presented to the National People`s Congress
today highlighting Chinese military strategy which also
underlined that the military will be under the "absolute
control" of the ruling Communist Party.

From the border dispute with India to maritime tensions
with Japan and a host of East Asian countries, China faced
diverse military issues in its neighbourhood.

The Chinese Prime Minister, who along with the President
Hu Jintao is expected to step down later this year, said, "we
will enhance the armed forces` capacity and capability", a day
after Beijing announced boosting its defence spending to top
USD 100 billion in 2012 - a whopping 11.2 per cent increase
over last year.

"We will accelerate the modernisation of the logistics
support system, and vigorously enhance our capacity for making
innovations in defence-related science and technology and in
weapons and equipment development," Wen said.

China will focus on training a new type of highly
competent military personnel, actively yet prudently carry out
reform of national defence, and run the armed forces with
strict discipline and in accordance with the law, he said.

"We will comprehensively modernise the armed police
force," said Wen, adding that the government will also
strengthen national defence mobilisation and improve reserves.

"We will strengthen ideological and political standards
and fundamental principle of the party having absolute
leadership over the armed forces," Wen said.

The Chinese military has a unique position in the
country`s politics and is considered to be a part of the CPC.


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