China to `enhance communication` with media

A Chinese official said Beijing will be more open in delivering information.

Beijing: The Chinese government will be more open and transparent in delivering information and news about the country to the outside world, a top official in charge of media affairs has said.

"In the coming year, the State Council Information Office will constantly enhance communication with the media both at home and abroad to make China`s voice heard in an accurate, objective and comprehensive manner," Wang Chen, minister of the office, was quoted as saying by China Daily.

Wang made the remarks on Thursday at a New Year reception attended by nearly 400 guests, including representatives of major news organisations, spokespersons from government agencies and diplomats stationed in Beijing.

The disseminating of news from China markedly improved in 2009, and the management of internet information was standardised, he said.

"A series of events like the fourth US-China Internet Industry Forum initiated by the office have helped deepen international understanding and cooperation," he said.

"Now foreign media pay more attention to China and report more objectively on the country`s changes and developments from varied perspectives," Wang added.