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China`s fattest man recovering from life threatening overweight

Liang Yong, at 225 kg, China`s fattestman, who was on the verge of death, escaped as the doctors made him lose 18 kilograms.

Beijing: Liang Yong, at 225 kg, China`s
fattestman, who was on the verge of death, escaped as the
doctors made him lose 18 kilograms.

Liang, 30, was rushed to a hospital almost in coma as
a metabolic disorder caused fluid to build up inside his body
threatening his vital organs liver, kidney and heart.

Liang is recovering well, said doctors at Xinqiao
Hospital in southwest China`s Chongqing Municipality.

"I feel well now," he said, "and my swollen belly is
starting to get smaller," the Chongqing Evening News quoted
Liang as saying.

Doctors said the treatment had been a success and
Liang had already lost 18 kilograms. Initially doctors had
said they struggled to conduct medical tests on him as was
found be too big for both CT and MRI scanning machines.

Tests conducted with hospital`s ultrasonic equipment
discovered that Liang`s liver and spleen were double their
normal size. But his quick recovery indicated his organs were
working well, doctors said.

Liang was sent to hospital after he lost the ability
to walk in April, with his face starting to swell up. His
doctor had said he could die at any time from multiple organ

Liang was born normal but his rapid growth stunned his
parents. When he was 14, he weighed 180 kilograms. Because he
could not stand being ridiculed by his schoolmates, he quit

The report said he had eight meals every day before he
was hospitalised, eating 500 grams of rice each meal, but
still complained of hunger.

Liang had successfully lost weight in 2000 because he
found the girl he loved over an internet chat room. Two
weight-loss camps helped him trim down to 105 kilograms.

He married the girl and they had a child who is now
five years old. But the weight soon returned to haunt him as
he couldn`t control his appetite.

The Shanghai-based record-keeping organisation Great
World DSJJNS named Liang "China`s heaviest man" in March 2007.

He also holds Guinness book record as the heaviest Chinese,
the report said.


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