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Chinese farmer jailed for making fake alien

Last Updated: Friday, June 14, 2013 - 22:08

Beijing: A Chinese farmer, who claimed to have an alien in his freezer, has been jailed for `disrupting social order` by creating an internet frenzy.
Li Kai, from Binzhou in eastern Chinese province of Shangdong, said he spotted five aliens after following UFOs along China`s Yellow River, reports said.

He claimed to have captured one `electrocuted` Martian, caught in a rabbit trap after its UFO crash-landed by the river.

Li`s posted pictures of his find in Sino Weibo, China`s equivalent of Facebook, sparking an internet frenzy.

Li said he collected the corpse and drove home and preserved the body in his freezer.

But he has been forced to admit he made the whole thing up following five days in prison after police arrested him.

Despite originally sticking to his story, Li changed his mind following interrogation by police. But he refused to admit the rubber doll was a fake - claiming he bought the `body` from a villager and decided to keep it in his freezer.

However, when police discovered files on his computer that provided further evidence of the deception, Li finally confessed.

Police issued a statement saying the rather unconvincing figure in Li`s freezer was not another life form, but high quality rubber.

`The alien purported electrocuted and discovered by a man in Binzhou is a high quality imitation. The body is made up of high quality rubber,` the Jinan Police posted online.


First Published: Friday, June 14, 2013 - 22:08
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