Chinese General calls for `no double standards on terrorism`

Chen Bingde called Osama`s killing a milestone in counter-terror campaign.

Washington: The killing of Osama bin Laden was a milestone in international counter-terror campaign, a top Chinese general has said while insisting without naming Pakistan that there should be no "double standards" in the fight against terrorism.

"The recent killing of bin Laden in Pakistan by the US military is a milestone in international counter-terrorism campaign. That has dealt a strong blow to the al Qaeda," visiting Chinese General Chen Bingde, Chief of the General
Staff of the People`s Liberation Army (PLA) told reporters at a Pentagon conference.

He said the international community has to understand that the killing of bin Laden cannot prevent the emergence of other "figureheads" of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, and that the counter-terrorism effort will be a long and arduous task.

Observing that terrorism is a common enemy for the whole world, Chen said uniform standards have to be applied while fighting terrorists.

"We should try to avoid get into such a situation where we fight against only those terrorists who pose a direct threat to our own country; otherwise, the terrorist groups will be even more rampant," said Chen.

Though he did not name Pakistan, his statement is in line with India`s position which has asked Pakistan not to have different standards for different terrorist outfits.

Chen said he discussed this with Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

"I discussed and agreed on this; that is, double standards should not be applied in counterterrorism... We should also carry out more study and analysis into the root cause or breeding of terrorism. It would be good to start from bin Laden and al Qaeda as a case study.

"In order for our counter-terrorism efforts to be more effective, we also need to engage in more cooperation, including in the intelligence field," he said.

"Financial support is also important for counter-terrorism. An integrated or comprehensive approach should be adopted in counter-terrorism," the Chinese General said.


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