Chinese military build-up not a cause of concern: US

The Chinese military build-up is not necessarily a cause of concern, the US has said.

Washington: The military build-up by the
People Liberation Army (PLA) of China as reported by the Pentagon on its annual report to the Congress is not necessarily a cause of concern, the United States has said.
"I would just say in general, we continue to seek a
sustained and reliable military-to-military partnership with
China, and we have obviously got a robust diplomatic
relationship with them. So I wouldn`t necessarily view this as
cause for concern," State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark
Toner said.
"We are going to continue to engage with China
diplomatically and work with them on improving military-to-
military cooperation," he said, when asked about Pentagon
report to the Congress in which the Department of Defence
expressed its concern over the Chinese military buildup.