Chinese Nobel laureate`s wife detained

The wife of Liu Xiaobo pleads for help in broadcasting her plight.

Beijing: The wife of Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo said she is under house arrest at her home in Beijing and pleaded for help in broadcasting her plight.

"Brothers, I have returned home. On the eighth (October) they placed me under house arrest. I don`t know when I will be able to see anyone," said a Sunday night posting on Liu Xia`s Twitter account.

She said she had just returned from visiting her husband in a prison in northeastern China, where she informed Liu of his award, but that she was now being detained incommunicado.

"My mobile phone is broken and I cannot call or receive calls. I saw Xiaobo and told him on the ninth at the prison that he won the prize. I will let you know more later. Everyone, please help me tweet. Thanks," she said.

Liu Xiaobo, the first Chinese citizen to win the Nobel Peace Prize, is a 54-year-old writer who was imprisoned after authoring Charter 08, a manifesto signed by thousands seeking greater rights in the communist nation.

He is serving an 11-year jail sentence for subversion at Jinzhou prison in Liaoning province.

The US-based group Human Rights in China (HRIC) on Sunday quoted Liu Xia saying that her husband had dedicated the award to the "lost souls" who died in the violent suppression of mass protests at Tiananmen Square in 1989.

A former university professor, Liu Xiaobo, had been a key figure in the protests.

Authorities detained dozens of Liu`s supporters in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities on Friday as they celebrated his award.

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