Chinese Prez to arrive in US today on state-visit

Obama is hosting private dinner at the White House for Hu, which is the first for China in 13 years.

Updated: Jan 18, 2011, 15:54 PM IST

Washington: Chinese President Hu Jintao arrives here on Tuesday in to a red carpet welcome thrown by the Obama Administration amidst increasing sign that the leaders
of the two big powers would use the occasion to mend their differences and find common ground for resolving key issues.

Keeping normal protocol aside, Vice President Joe Biden would himself be there at the tarmac to greet Hu when his plane lands at the Andrews Air Force Base later today.

In the evening, Obama is hosting private dinner at the White House for Hu. The State dinner is the first for China in 13 years and follows Obama Administration`s state dinners for
India and Mexico.

Hu would be given a traditional welcome at the White House tomorrow, following which the two leaders would meet at the Oval office on a one-o-one basis, followed by a Cabinet
level meeting.

Obama and Hu would later address a joint news conference at the White House.

Later in the evening, Obama has hosted the State Dinner for Hu at the White House.

Unlike the State Dinner of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for whom a huge tent was erected on the lawns of the White House, there was no such sign till yesterday.

Said to be his last major foreign visit, Hu would also meet a number of Congressional leaders and American business leaders as part of his effort to explain the Chinese position
on number of key issues, including human rights and currency.

In written interview to The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, Hu sought common ground with the US and said his country believes in the principle of peaceful

"There is no denying that there are some differences
and sensitive issues between us," Hu said.

"We both stand to gain from a sound China-US
relationship, and lose from confrontation," he said.

"To follow the path of peaceful development is a
solemn commitment of the Chinese government and people to the
international community. It is a policy that we will always
adhere to. Specifically, it means that we will achieve
national development by our hard and creative work, by
reforming and improving our institutions, and by maintaining
friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation with other
countries," Hu said.

National Security Advisor Tom Donilon told reporters
last week that the talks with Hu would include a wide range of
issues, which he broadly divided into four baskets - security,
economy, human rights and overall relationship.

In a speech on US-China ties last week, Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton said the US wants a positive,
cooperative and comprehensive relationship with China.

"We intend to pursue a positive, cooperative and
comprehensive relationship with China. Because that really
does capture our hopes for the future and that is how our two
Presidents have described this relationship," Clinton said.

She said a peaceful and prosperous Asia-Pacific region
is in the interest of both China and the United States.