Clinton, Hague discuss current situation in Pakistan

The new David Cameron led- coalition govt of the UK has started talks with the US.

Washington: The new David Cameron led-
coalition government of the UK has started discussions with
the US regarding the current situation in Pakistan, British
Foreign Secretary William Hague said today, saying both
countries share "common goal" in the country.

Observing that the US and US share the same goal in
Pakistan, Hague said the new British Government have started
discussing with US ways to enhance and strengthen their
cooperation and the support that they give to Pakistan.

Pakistan along with Afghanistan and Iran were the
major issues of discussions with the Secretary of State,
Hillary Clinton, when Hague on his first overseas trip as the
Foreign Secretary met her at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of
the State Department.

"We discussed the closely related situation in
Pakistan, where we and the United States share common goals
and indeed have already started discussing ways to enhance and
strengthen our cooperation and the support that we give to
Pakistan," Hague told reporters in a joint press availability
with Clinton.

The first meeting between the two leaders, after the
formation of the new British government lasted for more than
an hour. Clinton had med Hague last year when the latter was
the shadow Foreign Secretary.

Both Clinton and Hague conceded that Afghanistan,
however, was their top priority where the international
community led by the US is engaged in war against al Qaeda and
the Taliban.

Asserting that the new British Government shares the
United States perspective on Afghanistan, Hague said: "That is
why we say we will give the time and support for the strategy
in Afghanistan to succeed.

Of course, the new administration in Britain will take
stock of how it can best do that", he said.

"And that includes enhancing and reinforcing the
cooperation between the United Kingdom and the United States
at the highest level so we have a clear, shared perspective on
what we are doing."

Emerging out of the meeting, Clinton said the United
States and the United Kingdom are firmly committed to the NATO
mission in Afghanistan, and they support the efforts by the
Afghan government to fight corruption and build a stable and
secure government and country.

"We will continue our very close consultations on
these matters going forward," she said.

"We talked indeed about our joint effort in
Afghanistan, and which the Prime Minister has made our top
priority in foreign affairs, where we will give the strategy,
the NATO strategy, and the agreements made at the London
conference the time and support to succeed," Hague said.