Colombia Prez stops speech for phone call from Obama

Last Updated: Friday, November 9, 2012 - 10:15

Bogota: Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Thursday interrupted a public event in Bogota to take a telephone call from just re-elected US counterpart Barack Obama, who expressed his interest in "tightening" relations with Colombia.

"I just spoke with @barackobama I congratulated him in the name of the Colombians and he expressed his interest in tightening relations," wrote Santos on Twitter, where he also posted a photo of himself speaking on the phone.

The Colombian leader, who was delivering a speech at a Bogota club, asked those present to give him "just a moment" to speak with Obama.

"I apologise to you ... but, speaking about the international area, President Obama is going to pay us a great tribute and ... among the five countries who are going to talk with him to congratulate him he wants the first Latin American country to be Colombia, and here is the telephone," Santos said before speaking with the US leader.

Afterwards, he relayed Obama`s greetings to the public and continued with his speech.

The media reported that the two Presidents agreed on a date for Santos to visit the US, but Colombian officials consulted by EFE said that nothing definite had been confirmed.

Santos on Wednesday publicly congratulated Obama on his triumph at the polls on Tuesday and noted recent advances in the bilateral relationship such as the free trade treaty, which has been in force since May.


First Published: Friday, November 9, 2012 - 10:15
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