Colombian police arrest parrot in crime raid

A parrot helped many alleged drug dealers and thieves get away during a raid.

Bogota: Police in the Colombian city of Barranquilla "arrested" a parrot after it helped several alleged drug dealers and thieves get away during a raid, the daily El Heraldo reported.

The incident happened on Wednesday, when close to 300 police officers arrived to raid a house following numerous complaints that it was used as a hideout by thieves and drug dealers.

When officers arrived at the house they heard a voice that said insistently, "Run, run or the cat will get you!" They found Lorenzo, a parrot who had been trained to alert residents upon the arrival of the authorities. Everyone who had been in the house managed to get away.

Police then seized the bird and handed it over to an organisation for the protection of animals. Officers also arrested four people and seized 250 knives and 1,000 doses of marijuana.

Police officer Edues Munoz, who took part in the raid, told El Heraldo that while the bird was being taken away in a police car, it kept saying, "Run, run!"

Television reporters went to visit the parrot at environmental department facilities in Barranquilla, where it is set to be looked after by vets. When asked by reporters what it had told his previous owners, Lorenzo replied: "Run, run or the cat will get you!"


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