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Congo issues arrest warrant for warlord Ntaganda

The former Congolese general defected from the Army in April with dozens of his men and started a rebellion.

Updated: Jul 08, 2012, 10:16 AM IST

Kinshasa: A communique signed by Congo`s defense minister calls for the army to seek out and arrest a former Congolese general, who defected from the army in April with dozens of his men and started a rebellion in the country`s volatile eastern jungles.

The statement signed by Defense Minister Alexander Tambo says General Bosco Ntaganda and 13 of his deputies have been dismissed from the army.

It goes on to say that "in what regards particularly Bosco Ntaganda (and five other officers), the defense and security services are ordered to urgently relaunch an operation to find and arrest them."

Ntaganda has been wanted by the International Criminal Court for years. But it`s only now after Ntaganda deserted the army that the Congolese are finally moving forward to arrest him.