Continue engagement with Muslims: OIC to Obama

The Organisation of the Islamic Conference congratulated Barack Obama on his resounding re-election.

Washington: The organisation of Islamic nations on Thursday congratulated Barack Obama on his resounding re-election, and asked him to continue his engagement with the Muslim world, which he initiated at the beginning of his first term.

In a letter to Obama, OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference) secretary general, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, appreciated the "bold initiative" Obama undertook in his first term of engaging with the outside world, in particular with the Muslim world.

In 2009, Obama addressed the Muslim world from the Cairo University, and the secretary general said the speech aroused great hopes and expectations of an even-handed policy in addressing the outstanding issues in the Middle East region and in combating and countering the forces of intolerance and prejudice that seek to create divisions.

"Hence, Ihsanoglu hoped that the enthusiasm that was generated from the speech Obama delivered in Cairo will find greater resonance in his second term," OIC statement said.

Ihsanoglu said OIC has been able to build a relationship of trust, confidence and cooperation with the US and now looks forward to strengthening this relationship in substance in the coming years.