Corruption damages confidence in democracy: Hillary

Hillary Clinton said corruption across the globe damages confidence in democracy.

Washington: US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton on Thursday said corruption across the globe not only stunts
economic growth but also damages confidence in democracy.

"Corruption stunts economic growth, damages confidence
in democracy, and fosters a culture of graft and impunity that
undermines the ability to operate in our interconnected
world," Clinton said in a statement on the occasion of the
International Anti-Corruption Day today.

"Every country has a role to play as we work to
advance our collective anti-corruption agenda and
institutionalise the highest standards of transparency.

"Together, we can ensure the integrity of our markets,
improve our government institutions, and increase opportunity
and prosperity for all our citizens," she said.

December 9 is observed as International
Anti-Corruption Day.
"As we continue our common fight against corruption
and recommit ourselves to the work ahead, we also recognise
the significant achievements of the past year," she said.

Noting that last month, G20 Leaders adopted a landmark
Anti-Corruption Action Plan to promote an open, rules-based
environment worldwide, she said implementing this plan will
require cooperative efforts among G20 partners, the private
sector, and civil society organizations.

The participation of emerging G20 economies is
particularly important as they lay the foundation for
generations of sustainable growth and prosperity, she said.

Clinton said the US has made unprecedented strides
over the past year to enforce anticorruption laws and ensure
that companies do not practice bribery or unfair practices in
countries where they operate.

"This year, the States Parties of the United Nations
Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) also launched a process
to review implementation of the treaty.

The US is proud to be among the first nations to
undergo a peer review, and we look forward to working with our
partners in the UNCAC process to translate this global
commitment to root out corruption from promise to practice,"
she said.


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