David Miliband approaches BBC for a TV role

Labour leadership candidate`s move is seen in the line of Michael Portillo.

London: In a surprise move, Labour leadership candidate David Miliband is reportedly considering a role in television apparently with the intention of splashing water on brother Ed`s hopes that he can be persuaded to join the shadow cabinet.

Miliband has reportedly approached the BBC with a number of programme ideas.

"David Miliband has approached the BBC with some programme ideas. The BBC receives suggestions from a wide variety of sources and these will be considered in the same way as any others," The Guardian quoted a BBC spokesman, as saying.

"No substantive discussions have taken place with Miliband," he added.

Industry sources believe he has held informal talks with the corporation.
Although it is unclear whether Miliband wants to be part of documentaries or a series of shows, it is expected that all his proposals would involve taking a starring role on screen, the paper said.

Miliband’s move is seen in the line of Michael Portillo, the former Tory cabinet minister, who accepted a television career after his own ambitions to lead his party became void. Portillo made a documentary series for Channel 4 after the humiliating loss of his parliamentary seat at the 1997 general election.

Senior Labour party figures are urging him to join the shadow cabinet to strengthen his brother`s team, following his decision last autumn to step back from a frontline role.

However, he has resisted such offers so far.


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