`De-Stalinisation threat to Russia`s sovereignty`

A `de-Stalinisation` project could pose a threat to the sovereignty of Russia, communist leader Gennady Zyuganov warned.

Moscow: A `de-Stalinisation` project
prepared by the pro-Medvedev liberals in Russia could pose a
threat to the sovereignty of the country, communist leader
Gennady Zyuganov on Saturday warned.

"Like it or not, the status the Russian Federation
today has, is just because of the Soviet heritage. Even the
permanent seat in the UN Security Council is a gift of Joseph
Stalin," Zyuganov said at the plenary meeting of the Central
Committee of the Russian Communist Party today.

Last February, the Presidential Council for Human
Rights had proposed a `de-Stalinisation programme` to do away
with the legacy of the totalitarian regime by putting straight
historical record, banning officials from publicly praising
Stalin and burying Lenin`s embalmed body kept in the Red
Square mausoleum.

The new attack on the Soviet history also has an
important international aspect, Zyuganov said.

"The anti-Soviet campaign directly contributes to
question Russia`s sovereignty. Discarding the great feats and
victories of the USSR, would land Russia into an international
and legal trap," Zyuganov warned.

He cautioned that the de-Stalinisation inside the
country would lead to transition to an open suppression of the
"left-patriotic opposition".

Zyuganov also announced the Communist Party of Russian
Federation will create a `Popular Militia` to counter Prime
Minister Vladimir Putin`s `All-Russia Popular Front` at the
upcoming Duma (lower house of parliament) polls in December.


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