Decision on Iran sanction waiver soon: US to India

The deadline on Iran sanctions waiver to countries including India is ending this month.

Updated: Jun 09, 2012, 10:18 AM IST

Washington: With the deadline on Iran sanctions waiver to countries including India ending this month, the US has carefully documented figures of India`s oil import from Iran and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon take the final decision on this, a top US diplomat said.

"The decision in this regard would be announced this month," US Ambassador to India, Nancy Powell, told a select audience at a Washington-based think tank.

In her first public appearance here after becoming the US Ambassador to India, Powell, however, didn`t give any inkling what the decision might be.

"I think there should be decisions this month. As you know, the deadline is at the end of the month, and I am anticipating that those will be out. We have very carefully documented in cooperation with the Government of India, using a variety of sources on what the statistics are. And so I think that that decision is pending," Powell said in response to a question from Indian American Richard Verma at the Centre for American Progress.

The final decision in this regard has to be made by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to the Iran sanctions Act, in order get waiver from the US sanctions, the country should have "significantly" reduced import of oil from Iran.

Powell said Iran would be discussed during the next week`s India-US Strategic Dialogue to be co-chaired by Hillary and India`s External Affairs Minister SM Krishna.

"I think there will be a review in terms of the next steps in the dialogue with the P-5 plus one that will meet in, I believe it`s Moscow, at the end of next or the following week, and I think looking at that, assessing where those talks are going. Iranian visitors were recently in Delhi, so I am sure that the foreign minister will be briefing on those," she said in response to a question.