Democrats can keep majority: Bill Clinton

Ex-US leader wants Dems to assume they will lose some Congressional seats.

New York: Former US president Bill Clinton said on Wednesday that Democrats can still pull the November elections out of the fire if they refute Republican arguments and keep it from becoming a referendum on President Barack Obama.

He said the Democrats have to assume they will lose some Congressional seats in the midterm voting because they won a lot of exceedingly marginal seats in 2006 and 2008, "but whether these elections will be a big setback for the Democrats is yet to be determined."

"If the Democrats can make this a choice, not a referendum, they can win," he said in an interview. "If it`s a referendum on anger, apathy, laced with amnesia, they`re going to have a problem."

The Democrats need to answer the two key Republican arguments -- that they should be thrown out because they haven`t reversed the economic slump resulting from the global financial crisis and that "there`s too much spending and too much government”.