Don`t abandon doctor who helped CIA, Obama told

Rep Congressman`s remarks came in the wake of Pak media reports that the govt has sealed all of Dr Shakil Afridi`s bank accounts and property, including his house.

Washington: A top US Congressman has asked
President Barack Obama to "personally intercede" to ensure
that Pakistan government does not punish a doctor who helped
CIA in tracking down al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher`s remarks came in
the wake of Pakistani media reports that the government has
sealed all of Dr Shakil Afridi`s bank accounts and property,
including his house.

Since May of last year, Afridi has been incarcerated by
Pakistan and awaits possible trial for treason and execution.

"Afridi`s daring act to help bring Osama Bin Laden to
justice deserves proper recognition. He should not to be
abandoned by the White House. President Obama should
personally intercede," Rohrabacher said in a statement.

Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on
Oversight and Investigations, Rohrabacher recently introduced
a Congressional resolution to award Afridi the Congressional
Gold Medal for his bravery and sacrifice for helping the
United States locate and identify bin Laden.

"Pakistan`s leaders continue to show the US they are a
hard-core, two-faced enemy not worthy of the USD 2.2 billion
in foreign assistance the Obama Administration plans to give
them next year," he said.

"After Osama Bin Laden murdered 3,000 people in New York
City the Pakistani government protected him for years and now
they want to punish the man who helped reveal where he was
living," Rohrabacher said.

Afridi, a Pakistani physician, helped the CIA run a fake
vaccine programme in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in order to confirm
bin Laden`s presence in the city by obtaining DNA samples.