Don’t publish WikiLeak documents on Iraq: Pentagon to media

Sensitive classified documents on Iraq are expected to be leaked and posted online by WikiLeak.

Washington: The Pentagon has asked
mainstream media outlets not to publish the sensitive
classified documents on Iraq which is expected to be leaked
and posted online by whistleblower WikiLeak.

Describing WikiLeak as an irresponsible organisation,
Pentagon spokesman Col David Lapan told reporters in an off
camera briefing that publication of such sensitive documents
by the mainstream media would provide legitimacy to the

Lapan maintained that these classified documents are
properties of the Department of Defence and WikiLeak should
not publish them.

WikiLeaks, which earlier released 77,000 classified
documents related to the Afghan war, and is planning to
release 400,000 documents on the Iraq war.

In anticipation of the new classified documents likely
to be made public soon, Pentagon Sunday said that it has
established a 120-man working group to review these documents.

Lapan said it has no information when the WikiLeak
would post these documents, but said this time it is ready
with its team.

An Icelandic spokesman for
WikiLeaks meanwhile said the whistleblowing website would not publish
some 400,000 secret military reports on the Iraq war today,
but would make new documents public "very soon."

"There are rumours that have been floating around for
some time, there is nothing you can do about it, they`re
obviously not correct. I can confirm that there`s nothing
coming out today," Kristinn Hrafnsson said.

Bureau Report