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Egypt: Does Mohammed Mursi really hold power?

Egyptians might have elected Mohammed Mursi as their new President, but he is not in the real in-charge.

Cairo: Egyptians might have elected Mohammed Mursi as their new President, but he is not in the real in-charge as he is still answerable to the country’s military force and the leader of his own party Muslim Brotherhood, according to a report.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the fight for Egypt`s future is still on, and nobody really knows now who is in power even after Mursi wins the Presidential Elections.

Mursi is still answerable to Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and Defence Minister.

He is also answerable to Mohammed Badie, the Murshid or Guide of the Brotherhood, to whom he also owes obedience, the paper said.

The paper, however, also pointed out that there have been some small victories too.

The rise of the Islamists showed that persecution can be overcome with persistence, particularly if you forswear violence, as the group has done for many years now.

According to the paper, they have proved that the voice of the people cannot be entirely ignored.

With such a narrow margin of victory, everyone feared that the result would be stolen, but it was not.

The report said that the Brotherhood must now learn an important corollary that they too cannot afford to ignore the fears of the rural, old regime, Christian and business classes who voted against them.


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