Egypt: Mursi appoints Islamist, military governors

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has appointed 10 new provincial governors, including Cairo governorate.

Updated: Sep 06, 2012, 11:59 AM IST

Cairo: Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi appointed 10 new provincial governors, including Cairo governorate, presidency spokesman Yasser Ali announced on Tuesday.

Osama Ahmed Kamal was appointed as the governor of Cairo to replace the minister of water resources and public works Abdel Qawi Khalifah, while Mohamed Atta Abbas as the governor of Alexandria. Also, Sayyed Abdul Fatah Salem Harhour was appointed as governor of North Sinai, according to official news agency MENA.

The list includes three Army generals, two university professors, one consulate in State Council and four leaders from Muslim Brotherhood.

Ali said that the new governors came in light of implementing the executive work in the 10 concerned governorates, while the other governors remain their posts.

He added the President made the appointments according to the candidates` reputation, professionalism, and how much they respond to the citizens` demands, denying any party`s control over the posts.

Since he took office in June, Mursi has made many changes in the structure of the government. One of the latest changes was on August 27, when he named 17 people as members of his presidential committee and another four as assistants.