Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood warns of dangerous days

The decision by the Supreme Court has plunged Egypt into turmoil after it called for fresh elections.

Cairo: The fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood has warned that Egypt`s fragile democratic achievements are under threat, following a Supreme Court ruling that last year`s Parliamentary Elections were unconstitutional.

The Muslim Brotherhood said that Egypt could see ``dangerous`` days ahead if power returned to the previous regime.

The BBC quoted the Muslim Brotherhood as saying in a statement that the apex court`s decision indicated that Egypt was heading into "very difficult days that might be more dangerous than the last days of Mubarak`s rule".

"All the democratic gains of the revolution could be wiped out and overturned with the handing of power to one of the symbols of the previous era," it said.

The decision by the Supreme Court has plunged Egypt into turmoil after it called for fresh elections, claiming that the lat year`s first free and fair poll in decades was unconstitutional. The decision effectively puts legislative power into the hands of the ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), who were tasked with overseeing Egypt`s transition after President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February 2011.

The group`s candidate, Mohammed Mursi, will be facing ex-PM Ahmed Shafiq in a runoff Presidential Election. The court also upheld the right of Shafiq to run for president.

Many analysts believe that the court decisions will now make Shafiq`s win even more likely. Many other political figures have hit out at the court`s ruling, warning that the decision would leave the incoming president without a Parliament or a Constitution.

Islamist Abdul Moneim Aboul Fotouh, who took part in the first round of the presidential vote in May, said that dissolving Parliament would result in "a total coup. Anyone who imagines that the millions of youths will let this pass is dreaming”.