Egypt opposition announces break from protests

Egypt opposition National Salvation Front announced it will not be calling for protests on Friday.

Cairo: Egypt opposition National Salvation Front (NSF) on Thursday announced it will not be calling for protests on Friday, after being engaged in marches and nationwide protests every Friday for the past four weeks.

"We are not calling for any marches," Khaled Dawoud, NSF spokesperson said, adding that other political movements will take to the streets.

However, the Al-Dostour Party, a component of the NSF, is organising a protest outside the High Court Complex on Friday afternoon, calling for investigations into the death of protesters in clashes with police last month.

The party also plans to demand justice for those killed during the clashes outside the Presidential Palace in December and on the Mohamed Mahmoud street in November last year.

The party will also seek "retribution" for military conscripts who were killed during a terrorist attack near the border city of Rafah in August last year.

The Popular Current and 6 April Movement (Ahmed Maher front) groups also denied any participation in marches or protests on Friday.

Meanwhile, the opposition distanced itself from statement by former presidential candidate Amr Moussa`s proposals on how to reform the country`s economy and form the next government, saying "it just reflects his personal vision".

"Moussa`s propositions do not represent a unified position by the Front leaders on that particular issue,” NSF spokesperson Ahmed al-Borai said.