Egypt opposition warns govt against entering any war on Iran

Egypt`s banned opposition party has warned the Husni Mubarak regime against dragging the country in a US-led aggression on Iran.

Cairo: Egypt`s banned opposition party
has warned the Husni Mubarak regime against dragging the
country in a US-led aggression on Iran, saying it will not sit
and watch any such move with folded hands.

Amidst reports that heavily-armed US and Israli
warsips were given a free passage through the Suez Canal on
their way to the Red Sea on Friday, the Egyptian Labor Party
issued a statement warning the government against involving
Egypt in a new "unethical scandal".

The Labor party, which has been banned from operating
for the last 10 years, strongly denounced the Egyptian
government`s policy of supporting the US, without giving any
consideration to national interests, the party`s official
online newspaper Al-Sha`b said.

Reports have said that 12 US warships, including least
one Israeli vessel, carrying a large number of soldiers,
passed through the Suez Canal on Friday with the Egyptian army
making extra security measures for their safe passage.

The military flotilla reportedly included aircraft
carriers and personnel transporters, and sources said maritime
traffic in the Suez Canal was obstructed for several hours in
the morning period as the US fleet was sailing.

Arab newspapers have voiced concern that this may
indicate Israel and the US are preparing an attack on Iran,
with Egyptian cooperation.

Responding to these reports the Egyptian opposition
warned that it will not sit by with its hands folded.
"These interests are being served at the expense of
the interests of the nation," it said.

Observers said the fleet was the largest to cross the
Suez Canal in several years and navigation of traffic came to
a complete stop.

Egyptian ships on the two sides of the canal
accompanied the US fleet until it reached Suez.

However, official sources did not confirm the report.

Other opposition forces in Egypt have also warned the
Egyptian regime against repeating its historic mistake of
opening the Suez Canal for US warships which sailed via the
Suez Canal to attack Iraq.

Western nations led by the US have raised concerns on
Iran`s nuclear programme, but Tehran has maintained it is for
peaceful purposes.

The UN Security Council imposed a fresh round of
sanctions on Iran earlier this month.



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