Egypt: Prez candidates can register from March 10

The actual timetable for the elections has not been declared yet.

Cairo: Candidates seeking to contest the
first post-Hosni Mubarak era Egyptian presidential polls can
register themselves from March 10, a committee overseeing the
votes has said, even as no final polling dates have been

Egypt`s Supreme Constitutional Court said that the
nomination period for presidential candidates will open March
10 and close on April 8.

Farouk Soltan, the head of Egypt`s highest court and the
committee chief, said counting expatriate votes for the
presidential election would be harder than during the
parliamentary election since the vote would happen on one day,
rather than over nearly three months.

The military council that took over from Mubarak in
February last year has faced repeated street protests
demanding a swifter transfer of power to a civilian authority.

In response to protests, the Supreme Council of the Armed
Forces (SCAF) promised to hold a presidential election by the
end of June.

"There was a lot of anticipation ahead of the scheduled
announcement, with several leaks and statements that perhaps
presidential elections would take some time in the first week
of June," said Al Jazeera`s Rawya Rageh.

Rageh said the delay, whether intentional or not, will
likely spark renewed anger against the SCAF.

Soltan said the nomination period would open on March 10
and close on April 8. He also pledged that elections would be
held according to the military`s timetable.

The actual timetable for the elections has not been
declared yet as the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affairs said
it needs time to prepare for the Egyptian expatriates to cast
their votes. The actual timetable is to be announced before
March 10 as the presser mentioned. SCAF had mentioned before
it will hand over power on June 30 and hence the the elections
are to be held the first week of June.

Several prominent figures have already announced they
plan to run, including former foreign minister and Arab League
chief Amr Moussa and ex-Muslim Brotherhood member, Abdel
Moneim Aboul Fotouh.