Egypt: Shafiq to be probed for corruption

Egypt`s presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq is accused of wasting public funds.

Cairo: A judge will soon begin investigating MP Essam Sultan`s profiteering and corruption accusations against Egypt`s presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq.

Judge Osama el-Saadi, who was delegated by the justice minister to probe a lawsuit filed by Sultan against Shafiq, received all investigation files pertaining to the case, in which Shafiq is accused of wasting public funds.

On May 13, the People`s Assembly, the lower house of parliament, decided to refer to the prosecutor general for investigation a land sale contract forged between Shafiq and the sons of the former president upon Sultan`s complaint.

The contract is dated November 1993, under which a 40,238 square meter land, overlooking the Great Bitter Lake, was sold for a nugatory price of Egyptian pounds 0.75 per metre, while its real value was Egyptian pounds 8.

Shafiq was then the chairman of an association supervising the land.

The land is owned by the state and was allocated to an association for young Air Force soldiers.
Immediately after becoming the chairman of the cooperative, Shafiq`s first decision was to sell the land, Sultan had alleged.
Earlier this month, Shafiq refuted the accusations, accusing Sultan of being a former state security informant.