Egypt to join ICC: Foreign minister

Nabil al-Arabi said Egypt is set to join the International Criminal Court.

Cairo: Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil
al-Arabi said Tuesday that his country is to join the
International Criminal Court, as post-revolution Egypt works
to become a "legally constituted state".

"Egypt is currently taking the required steps to join
all United Nations agreements on human rights and to join the
International Criminal Court," Arabi said during a joint press
conference in Cairo with visiting German foreign minister
Guido Westerwelle.

He said Egypt was working hard to become a "legally
constituted state" after the overthrow of president Hosni
Mubarak on February 11.

Mubarak is under arrest in a hospital in the Red Sea
resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, where he fled with his family
during the popular uprising that toppled his regime.

His two sons, Alaa and Gamal, and dozens of senior
former regime figures are in prison or being investigated over
allegations of violence against protesters and corruption.

"I think the events that have taken place in Egypt in
recent days and the arrest of senior officials is evidence
that the state wishes to follow the rule of law...
domestically and internationally," Arabi said.

Nationwide protests that erupted on January 25 and
forced Mubarak to step down saw power transferred to a ruling
military council that has vowed to pave the way for a free and
democratic society.