Egypt`s military rulers name new Prime Minister

Former Transport Minister Essam Sharaf will be the new Prime Minster after Ahmed Shafiq resigned.

Updated: Mar 03, 2011, 20:54 PM IST

Cairo: Egypt`s new military rulers today
buckled under continued public pressure and removed Prime
Minister Ahmed Shafiq, handpicked by ousted President Hosni
Mubarak, replacing him with a new nominee.

Former Transport Minister Essam Sharaf will be the new
prime minster, a brief military statement said. The sacking of
Shafiq was a key demand of the opposition protest movement.
A former Air Force officer, Shafiq was named the prime
minister shortly after the outbreak of anti-government
protests on January 25.

The military statement said the new prime minister had
been tasked with forming a new caretaker government, which
will oversee bringing in wide ranging changes in the country`s
constitution leading to holding of new elections.

The protest leaders have been vehement in demanding a
complete change in the government as they want all leaders
linked to the Mubarak era to be changed.

They are also demanding that the army should take over
the task of looking after law and order. Aftermath the ouster
of strongman Mubarak, Egypt has been rocked by escalating
crime graph with increased reported in robberies and hold-ups.

The sacking of the prime minister comes as a state
owned newspaper al-Akhbar reported that the toppled president
had been shifted to Saudi Arabia to receive treatment for

"Mubarak is currently in the Saudi military base in
the city of Tabuk receiving treatment for suspected colon and
pancreatic cancer," the paper said quoting well informed

The paper said Mubarak had shifted to Saudi city just
days after he stepped down on February 11 and handed power to
a military council.

al-Akhbar said that Mubarak`s wife Suzanne and his two
sons Alaa and Gamal were also with him in Tabuk.

However, there was no official confirmation of the
report. The new Egyptian authorities have barred Mubarak and
his family from travelling abroad and frozen his assets within
the country.