Election of Tulsi to Congress a milestone for Hindu Americans

The Hindu Americans said said that the victory of Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii is a testament to the greatest ideals of American pluralism.

Washington: Terming the election of Tulsi Gabbard to House of Representatives as a "milestone" for the community in the US, the Hindu Americans have said that the victory of this Democrat from Hawaii is a testament to the greatest ideals of American pluralism.

"Gabbard is an incredibly inspiring leader whose political rise is a testament to the greatest ideals of American pluralism," said Aseem Shukla, the co-founder and board member of the Washington-based Hindu American Foundation (HAF).

"That Gabbard won while proudly espousing her Hinduism and voicing a willingness to be a strong voice for Hindu Americans brings over two million Americans into the political landscape for the first time. Her cultural understanding of Hawaii`s unique and diverse population, will serve her district`s interests well," Shukla said.

Tulsi is a great role model for the community as she practices the dharmic truths and has shown her support to our community even before the elections, said Anju Bhargava from Hindu American Seva Charities.

"Tulsi is our Sevavotes.Org Ambassador in which we were bringing the pluralistic values and transformative seva to the forefront to bridge the bipartisan divide. With a Hindu and a Buddhist representation in the Congress and Senate we are excited that a dharmic approach, an inside out approach to life will get highlighted," Bhargava said.

Gabbard, of Samoan-American origin, told the Religion News Service that among many issues, she will also focus on environmental issues, veteran affairs, and developing relations with India, Hinduism`s spiritual homeland.

She also stated her desire to become the first to take her oath of office in January 2013 on the Bhagavad Gita.