Embrace US-style democracy or accept Soviet-style collapse: Chinese general

Gen Yazhou says China’s rise depends on adopting America`s system of govt.

Sydney: China must either embrace US-style democracy or accept Soviet-style collapse, a Chinese two-star general has warned his conservative Communist Party masters and People’s Liberation Army colleagues.

General Liu Yazhou says China’s rise depends on adopting America’s system of government rather than challenging its dominance off China’s eastern coast.

“If a system fails to let its citizens breathe freely and release their creativity to the maximum extent, and fails to place those who best represent the system and its people into leadership positions, it is certain to perish,” writes General Liu Yazhou in Hong Kong’s Phoenix magazine.

The fact of General Liu’s article suggests China’s political and ideological struggles are more lively than commonly thought, ahead of a rotation of leaders in the Central Military Commission and then the Politburo in 2012.

“The secret of US success is neither Wall Street nor Silicon Valley, but its long-surviving rule of law and the system behind it. The American system is said to be designed by genius and for the operation of the stupid,” The Sydney Morning Herald quoted him, as saying.

“A bad system makes a good person behave badly while a good system makes a bad person behave well. Democracy is the most urgent thing, without it there can be no sustainable rise,” General Liu added.

General Liu was promoted recently from deputy political commissar of the PLA Air Force to political commissar of the National Defence University. His father was a senior military officer and his father-in-law was Li Xiannian, one of Chinese communism`s “Eight Immortals” and a one-time president of China.