Emergency in NY as ‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sandy approaches US

‘Frankenstorm’ is being touted powerful than Hurricane Irene, killed at least 41 people in the Caribbean.

Washington: In the face of a potentially devastating storm, Hurricane Sandy, approaching the US, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency and local officials have considered evacuating as many as 3,75,000 residents, according to a report.

It has also been learnt that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was considering a total shut down of buses and subways in the city if the worst predictions about Hurricane Sandy come true.

The ‘Frankenstorm’, which is being touted more powerful than Hurricane Irene, killed at least 41 people in the Caribbean after it leveled homes in Cuba and Jamaica earlier this week, and could smash into New York as early as Sunday, the New York Daily News reports.

According to the report, Mayor Bloomberg said he’d make a decision about evacuations in low-lying areas in all five boroughs as soon as Saturday.

“We are taking all the steps that we need to take. But the storm is moving at a rate that we’re still not going to have a good sense of when and where it’s going to hit land,” Bloomberg said.

City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said the city was considering six hospitals and 41 chronic care facilities, including nursing homes in the low-lying areas, to move patients who could be easily relocated, the report said.

A map created by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is currently tracking the path of Hurricane Sandy, the report said.