Emperor hopes for `good year` for people of Japan, world

Emperor Akihito urges people to help each other to tackle problems at hand.

Updated: Jan 01, 2011, 16:31 PM IST

Tokyo: Emperor Akihito on Saturday expressed his hope in a New Year`s message that this year will be a good one for the people of Japan as well as around the world, and called on people to help each other to tackle problems at hand.

``It is my hope that the New Year will be a good year for the people of Japan and the people of the world,`` the 77-year-old emperor said in his `New Year Thoughts 2011` released by the Imperial Household Agency.

Looking back on 2010, the emperor expressed sympathy for those who have been affected by long spells of intense heat in the summer and the continuing severe economic conditions, and called on people to support each other to overcome such difficulties.

``I hope that people will cherish their families and community ties and support one another to overcome these challenges they are facing,`` the emperor said. ``I also hope that they will work together with the people of the world and do their utmost in pursuit of peace and stability.``

The agency also released several Japanese ``waka`` poems written by the imperial couple in 2010 to celebrate New Year`s Day.

In one of his five poems, the emperor reflects on an occasion when he climbed Mt Sekison in Nagano Prefecture with Prince Akishino and his family in August for the first time in about 30 years.

He also composed a poem that describes his feelings on seeing the Daigoku-den, the former Imperial Audience Hall, when he attended a Commemorative Ceremony for the 1,300th anniversary of the capital relocation to Nara Heijo-kyo in October.

Japan`s capital was moved to Heijyo-kyo in today`s Nara city in 710, where it remained for much of the eighth century.