Evolve an India policy with clear goals: Chinese daily to govt

An official Chinese daily has sought to strike a friendly note, asking the government to evolve a clear India policy.

Updated: Jun 04, 2012, 19:53 PM IST

Beijing: Ahead of External Affairs Minister S M Krishna`s visit on June 05, an official Chinese daily has sought to strike a friendly note, asking the government to evolve a clear India policy considering that New Delhi has chosen political independence over allying with the US in the region.

`Huanqiu Shibao`, the Chinese version of the hardline Global Times daily, run by the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), said the Chinese government should evolve an India policy with "clear goals" to strengthen friendship.

The policy, it said, should bear in mind New Delhi`s independent foreign policy and its recent decision to pull out of South China Sea oil blocks exploration.

"For a long time, India has not figured as an important centre of Chinese foreign policy and China has not decided on a clear goal in its India policy," read a commentary in the paper.

"Now, the activity of the Indian military in the Indian Ocean has increased and the Indian Navy is also sailing more and more towards the east, lack of mutual trust may lead to both sides adopting a mistaken strategy", the write up titled `China should have clear strategic goals towards India` said.

The article published in the daily, which is known for striking a nationalistic stand, comes a day before Krishna arrives here to take part in the China-backed Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, (SCO) in which India is an observer.

The summit is being held here on June 6-7.

Also, the article comes two days after US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta`s announcement in Singapore that US would be deploying 60 per cent of naval fleet in Asia Pacific, the backyard of China, which is currently grappling with a host of maritime tensions in South China Sea.

"Whether the Asia-Pacific strategy of the United States will be successful, will depend to a large degree on whether US can persuade important countries in this region to join in its return to Asia strategy," the article said.

But "unlike many Asian countries, who have expressed their keenness towards the US, India has not catered to America. India has traditionally not flip-flopped between groups, but has sought political independence.

"India`s not joining the US camp is beneficial to China. China and India should become friends," it said.

It pointed out that India does not have a history of "militarism" and does not want to become a "super power".