Ex-Navy SEAL killed in Libya ‘was on intel mission`

During an interview, Glen Doherty had said he personally went into the field to track down so-called MANPADS to destroy them.

Washington: One of the Americans who was killed in a recent attack on a US diplomatic mission in Libya, was working with the State Department on an intelligence mission to round up dangerous weapons in the war-torn nation, it has been revealed.

During an interview with ABC News last month, Glen Doherty said he personally went into the field to track down so-called MANPADS, or shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles, to destroy them.

He said that he travelled throughout Libya chasing reports of the weapons, and once they were found, his team would destroy them on the spot by bashing them with hammers or repeatedly running them over with their vehicles.

Doherty was interviewed in late August, when he was enjoying a short time off in California before heading back to Libya just days ago.

According to military records, Doherty joined the Navy in 1996 and was a combat medic and a decorated member of the elite SEAL teams by the time he left active duty in 2004.

Doherty was one of the Americans killed alongside Ambassador Christopher Steven by a mob of protestors in the Libyan city of Benghazi.