Ex-UK military chief says Blair underfunded Army

The former head of the Brit Army has accused Tony Blair forcing the military to fight in Iraq.

London: The former head of the British
Army has accused former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon
Brown of forcing the military to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan
without adequate funding.

General Richard Dannatt says Blair "lacked the
moral courage to impose his will" on Brown, who was his
Treasury chief and succeeded him as leader.

He accuses Brown of "refusing to fund what his own
government had agreed." The criticisms come in extracts from
Dannatt`s memoir published by the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

Dannatt said trying to get the government to
understand the pressures the army was under was like "pushing
a rock up a steep hill." He was head of the army from 2006
until 2009. He was later an adviser to the Conservative Party,
which now leads the government.


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