Experience is Hillary Clinton's biggest advantage over Donald Trump: Poll

Experience is Hillary Clinton's biggest advantage over Donald Trump: Poll

Washington: When it comes to experience, US Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has the advantage over Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to a newly released Gallup poll.

The May 18-22 poll comes at a time when the two candidates are starting to battle it out in a bid to clinch the White House in 2016, as they are shown in dead heat in an election that could go either way, Xinhua news agency reported.

More than six in 10 Americans say Clinton has the experience it takes to be president - twice as many as say this about Trump, at 31 percent.

In fact, experience is Clinton`s greatest overall strength from among those tested in the poll, and it is Trump`s single weakest attribute, Gallup found.

The poll also found that Clinton has a slight edge in views of the candidates` ability to manage the government effectively and whether they care about the needs of people, Gallup said.

But Trump has advantages of his own in Americans` eyes, such as his leadership and ability to confront special interests. Americans are just as likely to say Trump can get things done as to say this about Clinton, Gallup found.

Americans tend to see the two candidates as strong leaders, but ones lacking in honesty and morality, said Gallup.

More than half of American adults believe Clinton can get things done, at 56 percent, while about half say she would work well with both parties in Washington, at 51 percent, and that she is a strong and decisive leader, at 51 percent, Gallup found.

Americans believe Trump can get things done, at 58 percent, and they are more likely to view him than Clinton as a strong and decisive leader, at 60 percent -- the latter being the characteristic Trump scores highest on.

And most say Trump is capable of standing up to special interests, at 52 percent -- more so than for Clinton, at 44 percent, Gallup found.

The candidates are both viewed as lacking in honesty - only 32 percent say Clinton displays honesty and trustworthiness, her lowest score on any issue, but no worse than Trump`s 33 percent on this dimension.

The two candidates also both score relatively poorly on having strong moral character, being able to bring about the changes needed in the US and caring about people`s needs, Gallup found.

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