Explosions, gunfire heard in Nigeria`s Kano

Spokesman for Joint Military Task Force said they arrested four members of Boko Haram during the shootout.

Abuja: Multiple explosions and gunfire were heard in Nigeria`s northern city of Kano on Wednesday as military and Boko Haram militants exchanged fire, adding to the fear prevailing among the residents after the radical sect`s attack last month that left 185 people dead.

Spokesman for Joint Military Task Force (JTF) that patrols the city said they arrested four members of the sect during the shootout.

"There were no casualties. It was an early morning incident in which we had to encounter the sect members in their hideout," he said.

At least 185 persons died last month when the members from the radical group carried out multiple bombings and shootings in the city regarded as the second largest in the oil rich African country.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the sect, using the name, Abu Qaqa has claimed responsibility for the killing of more than 30 persons while avenging the death of a member who was killed by an irate mob in a market in another northern town of Maiduguri on Monday.

Boko Haram sect has been waging a bloody war to install an Islamic government and Sharia rule in Africa`s largest oil producing country.

On Saturday, gunmen shot dead a cleric and local politician in northeastern city of Maiduguri and the sect has been suspected but it has not claimed responsibility.

The 150-million Nigeria has both Muslim and Christian population, with Muslims predominant in the north while Christians mostly live in the South.


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