Eye on China, NSA asked Japan to allow monitoring fibre-optic cables: Report

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Zee Media Bureau

Tokyo: Aiming to collect information on China, the National security Agency asked the Japan government in 2011 to felicitate the monitoring of fibre-optic cables carrying personal phone calls and email data across the Asia-Pacific region, reported the Kyodo news agency.

The request was rejected by Japan but the experts say that the US had its eye on China as most of the cables connecting China to other parts in Asia Pacific region cross through Japan, added the report.

After France, Germany and Spain, Japan is the latest country in the fray after a set of exposes were leaked against the US government spying on other nations.

Earlier today, even the Spanish media reported that the US spied on over 60 million calls in the country in one month time.

France and Germany have already registered heir dissent against the NSA surveillance by summoning the respective US ambassadors.

The source of all the revelations is Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor, who is wanted in the US on espionage charges.